Hi, I’m Tabitha.

I teach psychology at the University of Washington.

I have a Ph.D. in social psychology from The Ohio State University. I am also a registered yoga teacher (RYT) from 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle.

I’m interested in happiness — what makes people happy, how we can reach our best selves, and why we often fall short of this goal. I’m interested in what happens when people come together in collaboration, and when and why they (often unintentionally) isolate themselves. I’m interested in what happens when people are immersed in their present experience, and when and why they ‘go through the motions’ without thinking. I’m interested in how these different states impact emotion, social perception, and behavior — including student learning. I’m interested in best practices in teaching, and am always striving to improve as a teacher. I’m also interested in being a good citizen of this country and planet.

My favorite academic teaching topics include social psych, emotion, happiness, and research methods. But I really like introductory psychology, too. It’s pretty cool to introduce my field to a broad spectrum of people who may never take another psych course.

My yoga teaching journey is just beginning, but I’d like to think that my classes inspire students to be present and joyful in their bodies, with a balance of challenge and self-compassion.

My ideal class would combine social psychology and yoga — or “contemplative science,” as many are calling it — to explore how the mind works, how people think, feel, and interact with one another, and how we can do better by ourselves and in our communities through the practice of asana (poses), svadyaya¬†(reflection and self-study), and dharana¬†(meditation). Someday.