Every day of yoga training feels like five days — by 5:00 I felt like our 7:45am asana practice was days ago. It’s not a bad thing! It’s just that we cover so much ground each day. I’m loving it though and talking Danny’s ear off about it. He’s been supportive of this learning process. The end of today was really cool, too — we did some stuff with bamboo poles including all kinds of twisty things and strength-y things, but my favorite was the last part where we balanced the poles on our heads and walked extremely slowly across the room, pausing in the middle to sit down and meditate. It was such a fun and intimate experience to be focusing so intently and also to watch others do the same.

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Maybe we’re gearing up for something like this…

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And I taught my first yoga class tonight! Danny, Alexa, and Tommy were gracious enough to let me free-form instruct them for about 20 minutes. I had fun trying to think of ways to incorporate their requests into the practice. I would love to do a longer session with more time in each section, and to incorporate my own music too. I feel like it helped me think through what I want to include in my full lesson plan, too, which I’m now enthusiastically creating.


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