Social Emotions Lab

Welcome to the Social Emotions Lab at the University of Washington.

What predicts lasting happiness? Are some positive states better for us than others? Just how great is mindfulness, anyway? What makes us feel connected to other people? How do we perceive others’ intentions in a social interaction? How does our relationship with technology help or hinder our well-being?

Our lab conducts research at the intersection of social and personality psychology, affective science, and contemplative science to explore questions about social perception, emotion, and behavior.

Current topics of interest include: dispositional happiness, the functions and consequences of positive emotions, time perception, mindfulness, affective/emotional responses to ambiguity, social perception, awkwardness, social connection and isolation, and the role of technology in social interaction and well-being.

Join the lab

I am always interested in working with bright, motivated students who share these research interests and are interesting in being part of the research process. Students are welcome to contact me directly about research assistant opportunities. Working in the lab, you’ll gain experience with literature reviews, research design and methodology, behavioral data collection and analysis, and data presentation including conference attendance and networking opportunities. I generally look for students with a strong academic record (at least a 3.3 GPA) who are planning to major in psychology or a related behavioral science field and who are considering graduate education. No previous research experience is required.

Research assistants can earn course credit (PSYCH 499) for working in the lab. A two-quarter commitment is preferred.