I teach courses in general psychology, social psychology, emotion, happiness, and research methods.

Teaching philosophy

My philosophy of teaching and learning is centered on two principles: interaction and enthusiasm. In my classes, I seek to spark curiosity and interest among students and to engage them actively in exploring big questions and drawing connections among ideas. Learning occurs best when students are able to collaborate with one another and the instructor, and I am constantly seeking to discover more effective ways of doing this in large and small classes alike.

Among my top priorities is helping students develop their critical thinking skills to become better consumers of psychological information in everyday life.

I have also recently begun incorporating mindfulness meditation and some gentle asana (yoga poses) in my classes.


“Learning Happiness,” Perspectives, UW College of Arts & Sciences (March 2018).


Current and future classes, 2017-18

Autumn 2017

  • PSYCH 101: General Psychology
  • PSYCH 440: Psychology of Emotion

Winter 2018

  • PSYCH 345: Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 448: Happiness

Spring 2018 (planned)

  • PSYCH 209: Fundamentals of Psychological Research
  • PSYCH 440: Psychology of Emotion

Early Fall Start 2018 (planned)

Recent syllabi

Resources for students