Working With Me

Working with Me

If you’re a current or former student of mine and would like an opportunity to work with me more directly, please contact me. I mainly supervise students in two ways: undergraduate teaching experience and independent study projects. As a full-time teaching professor, I do not maintain a research lab, but occasionally work with highly independent and motivated undergraduate students on projects of mutual interest.

  • PSYCH 496: Undergraduate Teaching Experience. You’ll work as a peer tutor in one of my upcoming classes and learn more about what planning and teaching a course looks like behind the scenes.
  • PSYCH 498: Directed Reading in Psychology. I work with junior/senior students who have taken an upper-division class with me and have a specific research question in mind that relates to my main areas of expertise (social psychology, emotion, happiness). We will work together to determine a reading list to help you explore your interest more deeply.
  • PSYCH 499: Research in PsychologyI occasionally supervise students in conducting research projects. These are arranged 1:1 and typically with students who have written a research proposal in one of my classes.
  • Undergraduate Honors Theses. I am available to supervise one-quarter projects through the interdisciplinary honors program. I will also sometimes work with students on a two-year project through the psychology honors program.